You’ve organised a great list full of worthwhile data, you next need to decide how best to use it. With so many marketing channels at your disposal it is time to decide how direct mail will fit into your marketing plan. Bear in mind that direct mail now focuses on more personalised and specific communications that focus on:

ACQUIRING new customers

REWARDING the loyalty of customers

CROSS SELLING similar products

CONVERTING leads into contacts

Decisions, decisions

Having decided direct mail is the right strategy, it is now the time to think what will define the success of your mailing. Are you looking for a short-term bump in profits and new customers or is your strategy more long term, which could mean that the main aim is to build your brand. You should next consider the balance of frequency and reach. A large mailing can reach a wide audience, but it can be costly and can possibly limit how many mailings you can do. Are you better off establishing a stronger connection by making more frequent contact with fewer but more targeted and there for promising prospects?