The message

When building a direct mail campaign the actual product, deal or idea you are selling is very important but sometimes not enough time is spent on actually getting the most effective information across. The right message is the one of the most important contributions to the success of your mailing. It is also true that the words that you use can be the most effective driver of response in your direct mail campaign.

When you are working out your message, what you say and how you say it is very important. For your direct mail campaign message be as effective as possible there are a few things you can consider…..

Consider this…..

  • Coordinated Theme: It is very important to focus your message, your artwork and your design when forming your theme. If your campaign appears too random the recipient could get confused, refuse to read or engage with it and ultimately aim it towards the bin.
  • Meaningful words: Try and resist the urge to put too many words into your campaign. You need to convey your message with as few words as possible. Bullet points, bolding, italics and coloured text can all be used to highlight the most important words.
  • Brand conflict: Your brand should reflect the personality of your business. If your message conflicts with your brand people will not believe it. They will not trust your message and may reject it. Take the time to craft your message to your brand.

When you receive direct mail try and look closely at the parts of the messaging that catch your attention. You should become aware of certain keywords. Try and tailor your own message to have a similar effect. What words can you use that will grab attention and stand out to your prospects?