Now is the  time to start thinking about using colour in your direct mail marketing. One of the most important parts of a successful direct mail campaign is the wrapper or envelope in which your message is sent. The envelope has one main job and that is to get itself opened. There are many ways of achieving this but as your prospects are usually keen to throw direct mail away it is best if you can make it feel as if they are losing out or missing something if they don’t open it. There are many ways of making your envelope stand out. We think the best two ways are to either make your envelope look like personal correspondence or make the envelope so interesting and intriguing by the intelligent use of colour.

Colour and clever design will ensure that since most people sort their mail over the waste bin they will decide to open your letter and not throw it away. Unless you have a good reason it’s best to not use address labels as they are so impersonal. Handwritten envelopes used to have the best impact because they are the most personal way of addressing your envelope however this has changed as handwritten addresses now raise suspicion and can have a negative impact.

Use of Postage stamps is more personalised than franking or any other postal mark. Bulk rates although appealing for obvious reasons of cost savings, need a lot of thought to make sure that it doesn’t act as a bar from the mail being opened. Good envelope design will help prevent this.

To increase the chance that your mail is opened here are some points to ponder.

  1. Size Does Matter!

Your outer envelope does not have to be a standard size. It may cost a little more to process a

non-standard envelope but it will make you stand out from the crowd of standard business post.

  1. Wow! look at that Shape

The Postal service prefers standard rectangular envelopes so using a square or different shaped wrapper may be just what it takes to get your message noticed and opened. Again, it’s possible that it may cost a little more but think of it as an investment.

  1. Colour me blind

For a proven increase in response, colour is the way to go. The simplest and still effective thing to do is change the envelope colour. Try using a colour that reflects your brand. You can now individualise envelopes with more than just name and address. Variable data printing to customise both copy and images is now becoming popular. The upper left corner of an outer envelope is the place the eye goes first while deciding whether to keep your mail piece. Treat it as an important place for an eye-catching offer, teaser or important picture or message. There are other hot spots where the eye goes first so some experimentation or testing would be required to get the best result. Don’t forget the back of the envelope could be seen first so this area could also be used for a message or image.

Final points to ponder

Window envelopes are traditionally only used for business mail, this trend is changing. Looking through the window can provide a tempting hint of your content as well as reducing addressing costs. Testing to find out which approach works best for your campaign would be the best approach to maximising results. Checking if die-cuts peel off stickers and other more creative ideas make a positive impact.

To explore more ideas and to get free advice and help about adding colour to your mail out, contact Julian on 0191 4972828