New Normality –

As most of the world tries to get back to some sort of new normality at this present stage of the coronavirus pandemic and as face to face marketing was seriously curtailed, direct mail has become the best route back for business.

The virus outside of it’s host is fragile and it particularly doesn’t like paper, it means that the chances of catching the virus from the mail are non-existent. Consequently, direct mail is the obvious answer to give your company a marketing boost. This is a requirement to win back any lost customers and to generate new ones. Remember that direct mail is cost effective and easy to implement at short notice.

Direct mail is a tangible form of marketing in that it has the ability to literally get your brand in the hand.

The Royal Mail’s Private Life of Mail study found that people value something they can see and touch 24% more than something they can only see. As well as that, 38% say that the physical properties of the post influence how they feel about the sender. It has also been found that mail is often passed around the household, with almost a quarter of direct mail pieces being shared among family and friends.

Marketing campaigns which include direct mail can experience market share growth with three times the efficiency of cases without mail and often brand switching has been known to happen.

Last but not least, given that up to a fifth of us will be at home at any one time, either fighting the virus or working from home, it looks likely that every day there could be an audience of many millions of people at home receptive to any mail coming through their letterbox.