Which Format?

There are many ways to get your message into your target’s letterbox. When choosing a format try to make sure the content matches your objective. For a short term special offer, you’re not going send out a catalogue. Just as when you want to show your entire product line, sending a postcard is not going to work.

Popular Formats

Folded self mailer – economical and flexible format that can have many uses. Usually used when a customer response is required.

Postcard – Low cost and very effective at reaching a large group of people. Marketing postcards have many uses such as notification of time sensitive deals or news of upcoming events.

Envelope or polywrap mailer – If a response is required or it includes customer data, the envelope or polywrap protects the contents and allows for more items to be enclosed in the packet.

Booklet – A multi-page format that looks like a small book. Booklets are great as short versions of product catalogs or upcoming event calendars. Great for product information and detailed content that is too much for a folded self-mailer.

Catalogue – Good for providing detailed descriptions and photos of products. A quality presentation reflects well on your company. Very useful if explaining a product or service that needs a lot of explanation is a requirement.

Which ever format you decide is best or suitable for your campaign, always take the weight of the final mailer into account as this will impact upon the price per item if postal weight limits are exceeded.